Freelancing In Bangladesh

Over the last few years freelancing jobs have gained much popularity among thousands of people in Bangladesh, particularly among the unemployed and freedom-loving youths, thanks to the rapid digitalization of our country, easy internet access facility and some effective government and non-government initiatives to promote freelancing in the country. For a country like Bangladesh where jobs in the government and private sectors are quite insufficient and the unemployment rate among the youths is so high, freelancing job opportunities can really open a door of huge possibilities for the people.

Bangladesh in its pick of Outsourcing era. The government is also pushing the local boys and girls to start freelance outsourcing in Bangladesh. They started different programs to teach and showing them the path of freelancing. It is really a big success for our country that now Bangladesh is the second-largest supplier of online labors (supplying 16% of the total percentage of online workers worldwide, as on 2017 ) while India and the United States occupy the first and third positions respectively, says a recent study conducted by a department of Oxford University.

Well, whereas many advanced youths have already been availing themselves of this working opportunity and earning a good amount of money, many other unemployed people are not aware yet of this opportunity or do not have any clear idea about the process of freelancing, i.e.,  how to earn money working online.

Nowadays more and more people in our country are getting involved in online outsourcing jobs. Works like writing and translation, IT and networking, Graphics designing, web and software development, multimedia, search engine optimization (SEO), sales and marketing, clerical jobs, etc. have been gaining huge popularity in Bangladesh. Currently, Bangladesh is ahead of all the countries in sales and marketing support, along with putting a considerable contribution to software development and technology, creative and multimedia and clerical works. Apart from that, freelancers in our country are also doing works like customer support, call center service, etc. Well, you can look for jobs according to your area of expertise.

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